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Behind me is the dolls army. They stand under my flag, in my ranks. Drumming. Ready for an attack, ready to defend memories. Who can do anything to me?


I flourish in this warm winter! It is so with all of us heralds of spring; my leaves dread the frost, but as long as it is not there, I unfurl my sunlit petals caressed by its rays.


In the last few months, I have been intensively socializing with Jose Saramago. I bring his manuscripts to bed, have lunch with him, breakfast as well. Pictures he composes into sentences have the effect as if he is cutting my…

This morning

Sometimes I forget that I am touched by the sun, to birches friendly inclined. That I am the one helping the wind to be visible, illuminated by gold, carefree and playful, ready to play with butterflies. Sometimes in the morning…


Welcome traveler! I was waiting for you, leave your handbag on the side next to your legs, take off your coat and have a tea with me. I will prepare it from plants that know the will of your heart…

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