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It’s like being a leader in a mine. One who has crossed some obstacles and holds the light in his hand, illuminating the way for others in dark corridors of hidden talents. Then when it happens that some of my students discover the light in themselves and glow (shine), it’s as if I have discovered Alibaba’s treasure cave, full of enchanting jewels, flying carpets, magic lanterns. My happiness has no end, I fizzle inside, and on the outside I pull back, giving the advantage to the newly discovered Supernova… Being a teacher is a call of devotion and dedication. Although I have completed pedagogical studies, I have never really set my mind fully only on this vocation, for this kind of art. I balance somewhere between being a teacher and a pupil, holding workshops of art, puppetry, drama, narration, juggling, team-buildings, various projects… That is my contribution to this art. And the smiles of these beautiful, awakened faces are my greatest reward, like heavenly ducats hung on the tall blue sky of artistic creation.

Carefree doll- doll manufacturing workshop, from recycled materials for HDD

Circus Arts workshop at the Waldorf school in Zagreb

Pley on theme “Wonders and miracles ” Interliber book fair in Zagreb

Doll manufacturing workshop at Ulupuh galery during “Museum night”

Margareta Peršić participated in the project “Mein Geheim Freund” at Volksschule Geidorf in Graz in April 2011 as a guest artist from Croatia and as the artistic director of the project

Workshop “The girl from the circus” – Library V. Nazor, Podsused, Croatia, 2011

Workshop “Colors”. Kindergarten Tratinčica, Dugave, Zagreb 2011

Workshop and performance “Jakob and 200 grandpas” – within MDF 2016, Skradin

Workshop for making postcards “Monte Librić” – Pula 2017

Workshop making finger dolls “Day for puppet day”, Zagreb 2011

Workshop and exhibition Easter egg – Vukovo selo 2005

Workshop for the production of stage puppets “Park in Zagreb”, Zagreb 2009

Workshop for making traveling boxes according to the (ili inspired by) picture book “Ruša je slutila”, Medveščak Library, Zagreb 2017

“Cramped House”, puppet stage workshop, MDF Šibenik 2015

MDF Sibenik “Carefree puppet” 2012

Puppet Workshop within Artika Karlovac Festival 2007

Workshop Designaton Zagreb 2017

Mosaic and park design project “Source” Vukovo selo 2006/2007

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