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Come! With the story I call you on a new adventure, in a protected invisible space of fantasy and dreams. We will step on the ground beyond this visible world and meet the glorious heroes, fabulous maidens, impossible wonders and we will drink from the spring of living water. Come on, do not waste a moment, the ship is leaving any moment now, its sails are already stuck! In that endless sea, I know where we will find the mainland and when we return from this journey, how our refreshed soul will shine!

I feel that as a storyteller I become the channel through which the story and all her ancient knowledge passes while listeners become actors of the same fairy tale. Between us appears a special kind of symbiosis, a protected invisible space. We step on the ground beyond this visible, with open mouths we experience and absorb parts of the story, we share the breath and finally at the happy ending, we let our breath out, piercing the balloon in which we traveled together, richer in experience, richer in encounter, ennobled by the adventure.

Polymaths are those people who, in two-wheel chariots, control four or six horses. It seems that I am one of them and that each one of my callings requires special attention and dedication. I like to introduce myself as a storyteller of “the old cast-new era”.

Old – in my performances I summarize the traditional narrative skills, based on all the predecessors, from the old rhapsodists and rhapsodies, vicars, criers; there is even Scheherazade legacy, not to mention the old Slavs who were once Slovenes, and their tales and fairy tales were transmitted from generation to generation, their children were warmed by them (afterwards, they changed the letter-o into the letter –a and wrote everything down).

New era- not only because this era is thirsty ear for fairytales, satiated by instant pictures, hungry for live, warm human words which heals but also because in the aforementioned performances I combine animation, circus, acting skills and engage real people as live actors of the story. Hence, pure integration!

For me storytelling is one of the forms of tactile art, in which all our senses are included, although apparently we only have words. So here we are! Just a word! Immediately to correct myself, until recently we believed (human community) that words have magical power, I will only give an example of the word “Abrakadabra” (Aramaic-Avra kehdabra) meaning “I will create how I pronounce”, or even the older one “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God…through Him all things were made, without him nothing was made that has been made” (Bible).

With words, the narrator (in this case me) leads the audience to the unknown adventure, and the audience, with their readiness to listen, ensures that the story reaches to their finest threads and submits to them in all its abundance of wisdom, knowledge, and emotions. From that adventure, they come back alive and healthy, changed by the experience, enriched with sensation. Stories and fairy tales are like an orchard filled with the most varied fruits, for everybody
something, according to taste and will and everyone can take what he needs. And yes, we are not only the main characters in some fairy tale, they thought us wrong: ” We are the whole story, we are the forest through which the main character treads, the villain who deceives him, debacle around him, all the people passing by, the colors, the sounds .. ” A. Barricco

Orchard that matters for narrators as well as for those who while listening narrate inside themselves.

Listening closely to others, I learned to listen to myself and hear that voice from the distance that whispered to me these words: “Go, go into the white world and tell about the famous heroes, the times of old and fabulous maidens, about truth and justice, beauty and sorrow; so the blue sea may calm down, so the mighty heroes may find the wisdom, so that every injustice may be punished, so that the kids may learn how to defeat the dragon, and the good people to become even better ”

I did not ignore it, I go and narrate and each and every time standing in front of the audience, I am dreading from excitement, because I know that among twenty-two or three hundred and three girls and boys there are at least twice as many dreams that are yet to be fulfilled.

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