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By perceiving life as one big game, I choose work as a call in which I can give myself the best, ignore time and be just in space. Such a way of life allows me to be in this time and space, free from coercion. In this way, the time for me becomes a stretchy sock, and the legitimacy of space becomes less important because I create my own space in which my thoughts move and where I meet similar players. Sometimes this is happening through sleep (dream?), but most often through creation. Through creation, a person comes to oneself, by creating, he is freed from the burden of earthly life, even though he alone is completely immersed in it.

“In that pleasant, in that good, in that perfect, a man is only serious, but with beauty he plays … That real beauty is worth the real urge to play; by the ideal of beauty that the mind sets up, so is the ideal of the urge to play, that a man must have in front of his eyes in all of his games, also set up. We will never go astray if we are looking for the ideal of a man’s beauty on the same path on which he fulfills (indulges) his urge to play … because, we should finally say it, a man is playing only there where he is in the full meaning of the word a man, and he is only completely a man where he plays. “[1]

“Isn’t the doll a companion of humanity since its earliest childhood? Who knows, how much do we owe to her? “… Isn’t it at the same moment, when a doll was shaped from a clod of earth or perhaps from wrapped grass, that imagination was born, and with it also play, poetry, and beautiful arts? Isn’t the ability to create the best we possess, the one thing we are most proud of? “[2]

[1] F. Schiller, About aesthetic upbringing of a man in a series of letters, fifteenth letter, Scarabeus edition, Zagreb 2006. Page 89

[2] Selma Lagerloef „Emigrant“ (translation for internal use – Sunčica Vidulić-Vulelija)

Whatever I look is a song and whatever I touch is pain…M. Selimovic
It is true that we see, hear, and touch so many things. It is like wearing an old storyteller inside ourselves, who tells us an endless story filled with thousands of details all the time. A. Baricco
Doll house
To get to know someone, one should eat 50 kg of salt with him. Only then could one say what kind of a person is he. I want to believe the best and with close people, I eat only desserts. Sweet ones.
Spring dew
Let this whole world.... Jalta, Jalta – M.Grgic
Believe in love…O. Dragojevic
I will create as I speak Abrakha dabra
Dreams are my reality. R. Sanderson
My sea is no more, and I do not know what to do, this is a story for tears and for laughter. Some sailors stay without a boat, but without the sea it is an exceptional bad luck. Đ. Balašević
In search of lost time…M. Proust
Una bella canzona per te Pola …S. Endrigo
Just two more clouds
One day baby, we'll be old. A Avidan
Little drops of rain.... Led Zeppelin
Silence sometimes seems like a profound dialogue of those who understand each other - P.Claudel
Only horse chestnut is helping here
Beautifull Jelena
That night, suns and moons slept embraced, while the stars slowly circled in the sky. Where are you Moon, where are you going Sun? J. Saramago
Oh Lord, give me hawks eyes, so I can find him swans feathers. Folk song from Međimurje
Look at the birds of heaven! They do not sow, nor harvest, or pile up in granaries, yet still your heavenly father feeds them. Are not you more valuable than them? Jesus from Nazareth
A doll for a friend
Sofa doll
I gave her a green light…she ran over me
Sometimes it snows in April…Prince
Go into the world through the windows, go where no one knows you, smiles, flickers, sighs, get to know from some other street…G.Boskovic
Once I had a younger brother. They told us stories when we were little. Now we are big and we are telling stories and fairy tales to others. I became a storyteller, and my younger brother a priest. We both still believe in fairy tales.
Three little birds – B.Marley
Madamme Potpourri
Home Accountant
What if I want to go far?... Detour
Good morning to you my happy thought!
Some friends went their way. In a rush, they lost the shoe. Luckily, I have a big wardrobe for lost things.
I always lose my right glove. That left one closer to my heart, by the directive I do not even take of.
Everything was music. A. Dedić
Music is a way to happyness
For a long time you let me look down the open sea, my captain…J. Lisac
Artists first aid kit
Little storytelling box
Ocean See…A.Baricco
Goodbye, my little gentleman, who dreamed the trains and knew where the infinity is. All that was, I saw watching you. By being with you I have been everywhere…. A. Barrico
I miss our love darling, I miss you as you used to be, I am missing too crazy like that. Đ. Balašević
Happy family Pamprdek
… Because it is known that the words that come straight from the heart do not have the language I would say, get stuck somewhere in the throat and can only be recognized in the eyes. J. Saramago
Leaf next to leaf
Wedding couple
If tears were pearls, we would be rich, and would not wander the world. V. Coce
Fishermans daughter
Where were you little swallow? G. Vitez
Snowflake of my heart…K.Monteno
I will try to concoct a little game for you. Actually a royal joke, according to all regulations and court ceremonies. G. Vitez- Blue color of snow
When a king checkmates a queen!
Lost among the stars. And small
Everyone in life searches for his own way of God, whatever it might be, an easy end with a little sky, an hour of the day or night, two or three trees, how Rembrandt would paint, whisper, and we do not know whether the path is ending or opening finally and in which direction, towards new landscape, time, tree or whisper. J. Saramago
Cat’s cradle- some games are not meant to be played alone
One day baby, we'll be old. A Avidan
Once I drank a drop of wine too much. Since then I do not drink wine any more. Only drops.
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.... B.Withers
Pillars of knowledge
Better I do not have a hat, underneath it the devil naps, dreams, conquers... Đ.Balašević
We know, of we know that alcohol kills…D.Cesaric
If any other would give me her hand I don’t want, I only need yours…Songkillers
If you are searching for the path to my soul, take me to the stormy sea. V. Parun
All the world is green …T. Waits
L'imperatrice! Little Morana, with that attitude only the sky is your limit . Make sure it does not fall on your head.
People are not rocks … D.Rundek


Pigeons at the Spancir fest in Varaždin

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